EnviroServer CS Series

The EnviroServer CS series is a testament to the power of consistent design and engineering principles. This series is rooted in the same foundational concepts that have made the ES series a success. MicroSepTec has leveraged the tried and tested methodologies of the ES series, ensuring the reliability and efficiency are carried forward. The EnviroServer CS series is a clear example of how applying proven design and engineering principles can lead to the creation of advanced, efficient and highly functional systems. By basing the EnviroServer CS series on these principles, we have ensured that this series also delivers superior performance, just like its residential counterpart, the ES series


Designing the system

To ensure that the system is designed properly for a given application, it is critical to first determine the design basis. The design basis for any treatment system consists of careful evaluation of several parameters that control the system’s design and subsequent performance. MicroSepTec “Commercial Design Input” and local code for hydraulic loading should be used in order to identify daily design maximum flows, average daily design flow and organic loading.  The Commercial Design Input sheet can be downloaded from the MicroSepTec website or by contacting your local MicroSepTec Distributor.


Daily Design flow (Hydraulic)

The designer should calculate the average and maximum hydraulic and organic daily flow for the facility using local code as guidance for the determination of flows based on the type of facility.

Average Flows-  Average volume of wastewater in a 24-hour period; calculated from values measured over a period of time (e.g., week, month, year, etc.). The average of the daily volume to be received for a continuous 12-month period expressed as a volume per day. For facilities having critical seasonal high hydraulic loading periods (e.g., recreational areas, campgrounds) the design average is based on the daily average flow during the seasonal period.

Average flows to the selected EnviroServer CS Series model should not be less than 50% of rated treatment capacity.

Maximum Flows- The largest volume of flow to be received during a continuous 24-hour period expressed as a volume per day. The  Maximum Flow is highly dependent on the application and collection technology used.

For Effluent Sewer (STEP), Grinder Sewer, and Vacuum Sewer, a typical value is two times the Average Flow.

For Conventional Gravity Sewer applications, a typical value is four times the Average Flow for new construction and can range for existing systems.

Maximum Flows to the selected EnviroServer CS model should not exceed rated treatment capacity

NOTE: Make sure to carefully evaluate any existing flow information and regulatory requirements when establishing this design parameter.

Maximum instantaneous flows -Peak flows of greater than 40% of treatment capacity flow in three hour period, 60% of treatment capacity in a seven hour period, or 100% of treatment capacity a fourteen hour period without a ten hour period of no load will increase the likelihood of poor performance of the system and should, therefore, be avoided.


Daily Design Flow (Organic)

CS Series
BOD5: >300 and <800 mg/L
TSS: >350 and <700 mg/L
FOG: <70 mg/L
TN <75 mg/L
Temperature: 50F-86F

Alkalinity:> 7:1 ratio no less than 225 mg/L (may need adjusting in certain situations)
PH: 7.5-8.0 SU