Because the compressor is the only moving part, minimal upkeep is required.  Routine maintenance and inspections are mandatory to meet warranty requirements.   Regulatory agencies may have additional requirements above the minimum required by MicroSepTec.  Typically, maintenance is performed on the EnviroServer in about an hour, keeping operational costs low.  MicroSepTec trained and authorized personnel must complete the installation, startup, inspections, service, and maintenance of the EnviroServer unit.


When properly designed, installed, and maintained, there are no sewer gas smells with the EnviroServer ES.  This is because it uses high-efficiency, low-flow compressors that run continuously and with no noticeable noise.


Annual maintenance for the first two years of operation is suggested for the EnviroServer to ensure the high quality of treatment in the EnviroServer ES System.  After the initial two years of maintenance, the Authorized Service Provider should recommend maintenance frequency based on usage.  Ongoing maintenance is recommended after the  initial two year warranty period, and in some areas may be required by local regulation.


Part of the EnviroServer ES Series maintenance is routine pumping, as is required with any onsite wastewater system.  In most areas of the country routine pumping is required or mandated by local code.  Routine pumping should be conducted by a company that is familiar with the EnviroServer System.  Following the MicroSepTec recommendations on the proper procedures for pumping the system is important to ensure continued efficient operation of the system.


The system should not be completely emptied during this routine pumping as the EnviroServer tank could float out of the ground in certain situations.  Completely pumping the system dry will also reduce the beneficial bacteria that makes up the biological treatment of the EnviroServer system