What is the MicroSepTec EnviroServer ES System?

The EnviroServer is a pre-engineered, prefabricated Moving Bed Biological Reactor (MBBR) on-site wastewater treatment system that is typically used in areas where sewer is not available and conventional septic systems are not permissible due to environmental concerns.  The system uses an accelerated natural biological process for wastewater treatment in a single tank design without employing any chemical or biological additives.  The EnviroServer is engineered for dependability and proven reliability.  It uses a heavy-duty fiberglass tank, which is the preferred method of storage for volatile fluids like gas and oil, and it employs industrial compressors and pumps (when needed) that function reliably for many years.  The system is based on simple “plug and play” concepts to allow for quick installation and maintenance, with a minimum of moving parts.

The EnviroServer ES was the first small package residential MBBR product available in a self-contained single tank.  As a result, it requires minimal excavation which reduces installation costs and it can be installed in lots with space constraints.  The tank leaves a very small footprint, which can be camouflaged with flagstone, fake rocks, etc. while maintaining easy access for future maintenance of the system.  There are no large, unsightly boxes or lids visible in the landscape.  The tank can also be installed in traffic-rated situations with minimal special requirements.

Because the compressor is the only moving part, minimal upkeep is required.  Routine maintenance and inspections are mandatory to meet warranty requirements.   Regulatory agencies may have additional requirements above the minimum required by MicroSepTec.  Typically, maintenance is performed on the EnviroServer in about an hour, keeping operational costs low.  MicroSepTec trained and authorized personnel must complete the installation, startup, inspections, service, and maintenance of the EnviroServer unit.

When properly designed, installed, and maintained, there are no sewer gas smells with the EnviroServer because it uses high-efficiency, low-flow compressors that run continuously and with no noticeable noise.

Optional equipment includes mechanical recirculation pump, ultra-violet disinfection, and telemetry.  The system can be configured to meet the needs of each specific site.