Why EnviroServer ES System for your Home

The EnviroServer ES was the first small package residential MBBR product available in a self-contained single tank.  As a result, it requires minimal excavation which reduces installation costs and it can be installed in lots with space constraints.  The tank leaves a very small footprint, which can be camouflaged with flagstone, fake rocks, etc. while maintaining easy access for future maintenance of the system.  There are no large, unsightly boxes or lids visible in the landscape.  The tank can also be installed in traffic-rated situations with minimal special requirements.


EnviroServer CS System For Your Business

MicroSepTec has taken the EnviroServer ES Series and redesigned it for commercial strength (CS)applications. Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best and that’s the case with the EnviroServer. The CS Series was engineered to treat commercial high strength wastewater in a small, simple, and economical footprint while providing reliable treatment and superior effluent quality. Simple, because the entire treatment system is in one tank. Simple, because the only moving part is the compressor. Simple, because there is minimal intrusion to the landscape. Simple, because the process is accomplished with aeration and agitation, the same technology as sewer treatment plants. Simply simple!