Why EnviroServer ES System for your Home

The EnviroServer ES is the first selfcontained, single tank MBBR product available for residential use. This product offers minimal excavation during installation, reducing costs and allowing for installation in tight spaces. The tank is designed to leave a small footprint, which can be easily hidden with flagstone or fake rocks, without impairing access for necessary maintenance. Additionally, the tank can be installed in trafficrated situations with minimal extra requirements.


EnviroServer CS System For Your Business

The MicroSepTec EnviroServer CS Series was designed to provide reliable, commercialstrength wastewater treatment in a small, costeffective package. With its aeration and agitation technology, the system takes up minimal space and features just one moving part a compressor. This simple design ensures that the treatment process is efficient, effective, and unobtrusive, making it the perfect choice for any commercial operation.