Our Mission

To innovate, manufacture, and sell cost- effective robust treatment systems to the on-site residential and commercial wastewater treatment industry.

Our Company History

The EnviroServer product was established in the 1990’s and manufactured by MicroSepTec, Inc. The EnviroServer was first introduced to the industry as a wastewater treatment plant for trains. At the time, the unique design of a moving bed biological reactor MBBR was still very young for the wastewater industry and no one was trying to make it small scale. The EnviroServer added a thermo-processor to burn solids, as part of the treatment process, which was ingenious and was very effective in treating wastewater in a very small area. The product went through some changes and in 1999 obtained NSF standard 40 CLASS I certification. During the time of testing the product performed exceptionally well and became the first residential wastewater treatment plant certified to offer the complete treatment process in one tank; thus, “One Tank – Five Chambers – Total Treatment” was born. Soon many companies would emulate this, but none became as efficient and effective as the EnviroServer. While ownership of MicroSepTec changed several times over the years, the product consistently performed and, as a result, gained in popularity. The great recession of 2007-2009 was a tough time for businesses across the country, and MicroSepTec was no exception.  The company saw customers and competitors closing their doors, but they survived by focusing on the regions they were strong, but at the cost of diminished national presence.  In 2019, the company re-organized once again, Mike Sundberg joining the ownership group and assuming the role President to guide the company to greater growth.

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Thank you for selecting the EnviroServer® ES Series Wastewater Treatment System. Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best and that’s the case with the EnviroServer. 

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