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System Overview

MicroSepTec is a leading manufacturer of an advanced onsite wastewater treatment system called the EnviroServer®.  The models are pre-engineered, cost effective, and environmentally friendly. The EnviroServer meet the needs of the homeowners, installers, architects, engineers, and city health departments. If you have a remodel, a new construction, or a failed septic system, please call or email us for a free consultation. We're the last septic decision you will ever have to make!

System Applications:
  • Areas where soil has limited percolation
  • Areas where strict environmental controls are established
  • High water table areas
  • Areas where seepage pits fail
  • Homes where septic failures are prevalent and full disclosure requires a solution upon sale
  • Residential properties that are sold for extensive remodels
  • When the septic system is preventing the escrow to close and the seller and buyer need a solution ASAP
EnviroServer ES System Benefits:
  • Odorless and noiseless operation.
  • Produces clean quality water that is environmentally safe. This eliminates the possibility of groundwater contamination.
  • Odor-free residual water can be safely reused for onsite irrigation.
  • Easy web access for system reports and maintenance data.
  • Can easily be used with seepage pits, leach fields, drip distribution, or other absorption fields. Reduces size of dispersal field and need for “set aside” - ideal for homeowners with limited area available for dispersal.
  • The compact and self-contained fiberglass tank is installed below ground with no visible tanks or mounds; low visual impact and takes up less space than competitive product.
  • The system is pre-engineered and pre-designed which allows for easy installation and is easily accessible if repairs are required.
  • Effluent can be reused for sub-surface irrigation - reduces the demand for domestic quality water that would normally be used for irrigation and at a reduced water cost to a homeowner. Reduces the demand for precious natural resources, replenish aquifers, and also protects the environment. Denitrified effluent - particularly benefits properties adjacent to lakes, underground aquifiers or sensitive areas of the shoreline.
  • Optional Ultraviolet disinfection for disinfecting the effluent. It is able to reduce fecal coliform bacterial levels well below the most stringent US treatment standards.

Available Sizes:
  • ES6 – treats up to 600 gallons per day and accommodates up to a four-bedroom home
  • ES12 – treats up to 1200 gallons per day and accommodates up to an eight-bedroom home
  • ES25 gallons per day – treats up to 2500 gallons per day and is ideal for light commercial application


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