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System Overview

MicroSepTec introduces money-saving, easy to install and manage, wastewater treatment systems

You’ve heard about MicroSepTec’s EnviroServer® SM advanced onsite wastewater treatment system, but have you heard we now offer a less expensive EnviroServer® called the ES series? The EnviroServer® ES is an improved, simplified version of the original. It’s technology and configuration is based on the highly praised EnviroServer® SM, resulting in the exact same effluent quality. The EnviroServer® ES, for Extended Storage, is still a pre-fabricated and pre-engineered turnkey system. The primary difference between it and the SM model (for Solids Management) is that the Thermal Processor has been removed and some of the standard features of the original are now options on the ES, so you buy only what you need!

The EnviroServer® ES is easy to install and can usually be installed in one day, thanks to the simple design. In a nutshell, you drop it in the ground, connect the sewer and effluent lines, bring in a dedicated 15Amp or 30Amp, 110V line, and backfill. We use highly efficient low flow compressor(s) that are mounted inside the tank riser, so it is very quiet. The footprint is small with three 24” circular lids at grade, which can be covered with flagstone, fake rocks, etc. We offer 600 and 1,200-gpd models for residential jobs, and a 2,500-gpd model for light commercial applications.

The ES is something of a departure for MicroSepTec since we’ve had a reputation for being the “best in the market” but also “the most expensive”. With the ES, you can still have the best, but at half the cost as the original!

Available Sizes:
  • ES6 - treats up to 600 gallons per day - accommodates up to a four-bedroom home
  • ES12 - treats up to 1200 gallons per day - accommodates up to an eight-bedroom home
  • ES25 - treats up to 2500 gallons per day - ideal for light commercial applications
System Benefits
  • Our lightweight fiberglass tanks makes it easy to install in a short amount of time
  • Our system is pre-engineered and comes complete with everything required for installation
  • Advanced, technology removes nitrates, disinfects, and reduces long-term maintenance costs.
  • All component parts are commercially available
  • Onsite field supervisor to help guide installation through completion to ensure the system is installed in compliance with MicroSepTec specifications.
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