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Installation Guide

This information is to help facilitate a smooth installation of the EnviroServer system. This is to be used in conjunction with all plans and permits.

The MicroSepTec EnviroServer system is shipped with five to ten boxes in addition to the tank. One of the boxes is on a pallet and weighs an average of 500 lbs. All the other boxes weigh an average of 25-50 lbs. The tank can weigh up to 1500 lbs. A forklift or backhoe must be used to offload the tank. Applying a chain or strap to the lift hook is recommended for moving the tank

Note: Make sure no items are damaged upon receiving. MicroSepTec will not be responsible for any lost or damaged items once it has been received. A packing slip is enclosed with each shipment.


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600 GPD    1200 GPD    1500 GPD

  600 GPD 1200 GPD 1500 GPD
Depth: 9 ft 10 ft 10 ft
Width: 7 ft 8 ft 8 ft
Length: 16 ft 19 ft 23 ft
Inlet: 49-1/2 in. to bottom 61-1/2 in. to bottom 61-1/2 in. to bottom
Outlet: 45-1/2 in. to bottom 57-1/2 in. to bottom 57-1/2 in. to bottom
Pea Gravel: 25 yards 32 yards 35 yards

Note: If depths are shallower or deeper than scaled, an additional charge may be applied. Risers other than the standard height are considered a special order item.


View Controller Diagram

A clear area must be set aside to mount the controller. This area must be within 90 ft of the tank and allow the enclosure to be placed 3 ft above grade. Special accommodations can be made in advance by notifying MicroSepTec's Installation Department.

30 Amp 220v, single-phase service to MST's disconnect box. Clean neutral and ground.

A shared or dedicated phone line with an RJ-11 connector must be available at the location of the controller.

A parts list is most commonly provided by MicroSepTec and faxed to the installer prior to the installation. Additional charges may apply if the parts are not available by the installation date. These terms are specific to each installation.

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