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From Dr. John Fishburne...

September 14, 2000

Ms. Pat Everts
26601 Cabot Road
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Dear Ms. Everts:

I am writing to let you know how pleased my wife and I are with the MicroSepTec sewage treatment system which we had installed in our new home last year. The company representatives stayed with the installation job until they were convinced that it was perfect, even though at one point it meant digging up the tanks again to ascertain that no rocks would puncture them. The maintenance throughout the year has been exemplary and we have had no problems at all with the system. The effluent is used to irrigate an area, which we have now landscaped, and assures the luxuriant growth of our plants.

It is comforting to know that our system is in constant communication via computer and phone lines with your company and that service/technical help is available at a moment's notice if we should encounter a problem. Thankfully, there have been no problems at all. Furthermore, I am happy to report that although the older evapo-transpiration systems in our neighborhood sometimes give off an unpleasant odor, there is absolutely no odor detectable with the MicroSepTec system. All in all, we are delighted with our private, self-contained sewage treatment plant and wanted to let you know how fortunate we consider ourselves to have installed your system.


John I. Fishburne, MD, Program Director
Phoenix Integrated Residency in OB/GYN
Dept. of OB/GYN, and Women's Health
Maricopa Integrated Health System
Professor of Clinical OB/GYN
University of Arizona School of Medicine

From Donna Froman...

From: Donna Froman
Sent: Thursday, January 09, 2002 10:30 AM
To: dvana@microseptec.com
Subject Hello!

I am writing to let you know that I am extremely satisfied with my on-site wastewater treatment system (I call it my "Blue Babe") and recommend the system as an alternative for properties that are not suitable for a standard septic system (i.e. areas with high ground water tables or poor percolation, areas where ground water contamination is prevalent). I selected your company because of the unique Thermal Processor (turns solids into inert ash!), which other companies did not offer. I found that your system is the only system that eliminates sludge on-site, which means I never have to pump, and it significantly removes nitrates while disinfecting all residual water.

Living in an area where beach contamination and pollution is a problem, I am proud to say that I am doing my part to preserve the environment by installing your system, which has been inspected by the Comision de Agua in Mexico. It is also reassuring to know that I can just pick up the phone and call the field supervisor anytime I have a question.

I am very pleased to have this unique system with its distinguished technology and look forward to installing another in my other property in the future.


San Felipe, Mexico

From David Roberts...

TO: ECI/ENTRANCO Clients Seeking Alternative Wastewater Systems
FROM: David M. Robbins, R.S., Operations Manager
RE: MicroSepTec Wastewater Treatment Systems
DATE: July 23, 1999

ECI/ENTRANCO is pleased to recommend the MicroSepTec Wastewater Treatment System as a preferred alternative for installation on sites in Arizona which are not suitable for a standard septic system. A cost/benefit analysis reveals high scores for MicroSepTec over other alternative systems, primarily due to specific advantages, several of which are outlined below:
  • MicroSepTec provides consistently high quality effluent with significantly better treatment than sand filters, biofilters, or aerobic treatment plants. Better effluent quality translates as less intricate and smaller disposal systems, resulting in a more environmentally friendly system.
  • MicroSepTec systems are adaptive for both full-time and intermittent use homes. The energy saving vacation switch secures continuation of the wastewater treatment process. Unlike either the sand filter or biofilter systems, which each require significant start-up time and are subject to upset during low use, MicroSepTec's vacation switch ensures perseverance of the treatment process, even during such low flow conditions.
  • The MicroSepTec system comes complete with remote operation capabilities, which continuously monitor the system at several points throughout the treatment process. Simple operation and maintenance of the system results in significant monetary savings, and in the unlikely event of an operation problem, a speedy resolution.
  • Unlike some alternative systems, such as biofilters and sand filters, MicroSepTec's advanced treatment of effluent empowers their system to be considered as a possible alternative where groundwater and nitrate contamination is prevalent.
  • Cost: MicroSepTec systems can generally be designed and installed for approximately the same cost as either the biofilter or sand filter system. Additional gratification is realized though the significantly reduced cost of MicroSepTec's simplified operation and maintenance routine, as compared to other alternative systems.
ECI/ENTRANCO is now applauding the use of MicroSepTec equipment in the development of alternative wastewater systems. To all of our clients who are, or will be, installing alternative wastewater systems, we strongly urge consideration of MicroSepTec systems for the development of your project.

From Hugh V. Archer...


The EnviroServer, a compact small flow (<2000 gpd) residential wastewater treatment system, is ideally suited for providing sewage treatment in rural areas where centralized wastewater collection and treatment is not available, and generally cost-prohibitive. The technology, while not new, is innovatively packaged to provide a wastewater treatment system that consistently produces an exceptional quality final effluent [CBOD5/TSS < 10 mg/l, NH3-N = 1 mg/l, TN < 10 mg/l and Fecal Coliform < 1 col/100 ml]a, suitable for discharge to surface and/or ground waters.

The traditional biosolids accumulation problem in small flow biological treatment processes is eliminated through effective/efficient biomass recirculation and solids destruction using a thermal processor that dehydrates, pyrolizes and gasifies the biosolids. The treatment system is computer-controlled, through remote monitoring of critical electrical and mechanical components, ensuring consistent, continuous operation.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, with the largest rural population in the United States, and generally poor soils that will not allow for or support the traditional on-lot sewage disposal systems, depends heavily on new innovative small flow treatment technologies that are capable of producing a final effluent quality suitable for a direct discharge (no soil treatment) to ground waters. The EnviroServer with the added capability of reducing TN < 10 mg/l (potable drinking water standard) and the required operation and maintenance program offers one of, if not the only, individual residential wastewater treatment system necessary for ensuring the sustainability of rural growth and development in Pennsylvania.


Hugh V. Archer, Ph. D., P.E., DEE
President, Mavickar Environmental Consultants.
San Felipe, Mexico

aCBOD5 = 5-day Carbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand
TSS = Total Suspended Solids
NH3-N = Ammonia Nitrogen
TN = Total Nitrogen

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