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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the ES/SM system?

Please call and give specifics of your project so we can have a better understanding of your requirements to submit a system quote. You can also request an estimated quote via email by answering our questionnaires located here.

How much is installation?

Installation costs vary with soil types, lot layout and homeowner requirements. The range can be rather broad. MicroSepTec is not a licensed contractor therefore we are unable to provide contracting services.

Do I still need a drainfield, a leachfield, seepage pits, drip, etc?

Yes, the effluent still needs to go out to an absorption field.

Are there areas where advanced wastewater treatment systems should be used rather than conventional systems?

Yes, in sensitive resource areas, around drinking water supplies, advanced treatment septic systems are necessary to remove pathogens and nitrate-nitrogen from your household wastewater. Conventional systems do not provide the necessary treatment even when working properly. Also, advanced treatment systems should be used at existing home sites requiring repairs or replacement where the site cannot accommodate a conventional system.

What is the difference between conventional and advanced wastewater systems?

Click Here to read about the difference.

Is the technology complicated?

The process design and patents are quite simple and utilize components that are "off the shelf" and proven over many years. Fiberglass tanks have been utilized over concrete because of their proven strength and sealability.

Is there an odor?

There is no odor.

Do I need a percolation (perc) test?

Regulatory authorities and MST engineers require complete information regarding all geological aspects and residential requirements of the specific site. Once all engineering information is analyzed, a site layout can be calculated and the reuse or disposition of the recycled water can be determined.

What do I look for when buying a home with a septic system?

A septic system is effective, cost efficient, and easy to maintain; however, failing systems are a major source of groundwater/surface water pollution, cause waterborne illnesses, such as typhoid and hepatitis, and are expensive for homeowners to replace and may have a significant negative effect on property value. Before purchasing a home, make sure to request septic records because a septic system is difficult to see since it is mostly installed underground. The record will contain information on age, size, and location of the septic system. In addition, new legislation regarding statewide standards for residential septic systems may also directly impact decisions you make.

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