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Online Literature


Greywater Information

Below is a list of documents relating to Greywater/Blackwater separation. 
The information provided is an attempt to collect the available information and knowledge, and make it accessible to anyone with an interest in the subject.

 Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view some of these files.
Files Notes
Swedish Study: Apartment building plumbed for graywater. 1967
Short description of how pollution is measured
Tullander, Ahl and Olsen. 1967
Graphs Supporting graphs for Swedish Study

Other Studies:

Greywater System and Use

Charles C. Gerba. UoA

Chemical and Microbial Characterization of Household Graywater

Casanova, Gerba, Karpiscak. UoA

Technical Memorandum on Graywater

James Crook

Greywater Treatment on Household Level in Developing Contries

Barbara Imhof, Joelle Muhleman. 2005
University curriculum development for decentralized wastewater management Seablom, Bounds, Loudon. UoW 2004
Tier Two and Three Greywater Subsurface Irrigation Systems Washington State department of Health. 2011
Greywater Reuse in Washington state Washington State DoH, Lynn Schneider. 2009
Septic Tank Effluent Values Washington State DoH, John Eliasson. 2004
Long Term effects of Landscape Irrigation Using Household Greywater Roesner, Qian, Criswell, Stromberger, Klein. CSU 2006
Related Studies of Interest:  
Climate Variability and Residential Water Use in the City of Phoenix, AZ Ballard, Gober. ASU 2006
Soil Oxygen Delivery to Wastewater Infiltration Surfaces Erickson, Tyler. OUW 2000
Reuse of Domestic Greywater for the Irrigation of Food Crops Finley. McGill Univ. 2008
Protecting Critical Water Resources in Dunes City, OR. Standards for Septic Systems and their Effluent Background information document and Draft Ordinance, Dunes City OR. 2006
Characteristics of Rural Household Wastewater Siegrist, Witt, Boyle. UoW-Madison 1976
Design and Performance of Septic Tanks T.R. Bounds. ASTM 1997
Wastewater Subsurface Drip Distribution McEntyre. TVA 2004
On-Site Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems - Evaluation for Nutrient Removal Chang, Wanielista, Daranpob, Hossain, Xuan, Miao, Liu, Marimon, Debusk. FDEP 2011
Wastewater Quality/Strength/Content Benefield. DOH 2001
MicroSepTec Documents: Right-click (control-click on a Mac) the link and choose “Save Link As...” to save the document to your computer
Greywater Discussion (PowerPoint) Bryan Chiordi. MicroSepTec 2012
Spreadsheet - Greywater/Blackwater calculations Edvardsson. MicroSepTec 2012



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